Who We Are

Innovative Diagnostics is a premier laboratory providing academic-level anatomic and clinical pathology services to physician practices, surgery centers, medical foundations and hospitals on the Central Coast and throughout California.

We offer rapid tissue processing and advanced prognostic studies, ensuring expedited case analysis. Utilizing innovative immunodiagnostics, Flow Cytometry, and molecular pathology testing platforms, our state-of-the-art facility specializes in cytopathology, dermatopathology and hematopathology. Accredited by CAP and licensed by CLIA, Innovative Diagnostics is committed to strict quality standards.

Our team of board-certified pathologists have been serving the Central Coast for over three decades and are devoted to the highest standard of care for our patients. From essential routine biopsy interpretation to consultative services and hosting academic conferences, we support physicians and encourage actionable leadership in the medical community.

Our focus on quality, combined with expedited tissue processing, state-of-the-art technology and advanced testing methods helps us provide the best care possible to your patients.


The mission of Innovative Diagnostics is to provide reliable academic-level diagnostic services and expedited tissue processing support assisted by innovative immunodiagnostics and molecular pathology.


Innovative Diagnostics is committed to continual innovation in the understanding that evidence-based patient care begins with accurate pathology results. Serving and partnering in our community, we are local expertise with international recognition.


Innovative Diagnostics excels in diagnostics, education and research. We provide a platform for Continuing Medical Education at state, national and international levels, encouraging actionable leadership in medicine.